Explanation Of First City

Oregon City is the county seat of Clackamas County, Oregon, United States, located on the Willamette River near the southern limits of the Portland metropolitan area. Oregon City was established in 1829 by the Hudson's Bay Company. In 1844, it became the first U.S. city west of the Mississippi to be incorporated.

Oregon City played a significant role in the early history of the Oregon Country. It was established by Hudson's Bay Company's Dr. John McLoughlin in 1829 near the confluence of the Clackamas River with the Willamette to take advantage of the power of Willamette Falls to run a lumber mill. During the 1840s and 1850s it was the last stop destination for those wanting to file land claims after traveling the Oregon Trail. This is how Oregon City became fondly known as the End of the Oregon Trail.

From 1848 until 1851, Oregon City was the capital of the Oregon Territory, which encompassed an area that included the current states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, as well as parts of Wyoming and Montana and rivaled Portland for early supremacy in the area. In 1846, the city's newspaper, the Oregon Spectator, was the first American newspaper to be published west of the Rocky Mountains. Today the center of the city retains part of its historic character through the preservation of houses and other buildings from the era of the city's founding.

Oregon City is a city of firsts which include the world's first electric power grid, the first Protestant church west of the Rockies, the first navigation locks in the Northwest, the first paper mill in Oregon County, the first interurban electric railroad in the County and now the first distillery since Prohibition.

About Trail Distilling

Located at the end of the Oregon Trail, Trail Distilling® is the home of the First Distillery in the First City West of the Mississippi Since Prohibition and produces the finest in premium spirits. Our award winning products are handcrafted, beginning with clear Cascadian glacial water and naturally-harvested grains. Trail Distilling® is a certified farm distillery and registered trademark of Trails End Spirits, LLC.

Find your own trail with Trail Distilling®.


The low protein rye grain is from Oregon and is being grown on Trail Distilling’s family farm in Helvetia, Oregon. After an unusually snowy and wet winter, the rye has done well. With harvesting to begin late summer and milling and distillation to begin early fall, Trail Distilling will be on its way to having their first grain to bottle rye whiskey.

Photo taken after planting in late October, 2016

What our Customers are saying

  • David M.  Portland 11/2016
    This is a new tasting room that is very inviting.  We tasted the Gin & Vodka which were very good!  The owners gave a tour of their distillery.  It is a very clean operation and the tour very informative.  Highly recommend giving this distillery a try.
    David M. Portland 11/2016
  • B.B. Seattle, WA 2/2017
    I thought I wasn't much of a gin drinker until we went here. Not only was the tasting a smart method to introduce me to the vodka and gin they distill, but the inclusion of a mini-cocktail really helped convince me that I could enjoy gin. I had an Old Vermont, using the gin. It was smooth and refreshing. I actually liked the juniper used in the Trillium Gin because it wasn't as harsh as others I have tried. I would definitely recommend it and we left with our own bottle.
    B.B. Seattle, WA 2/2017
  • Dave Bothwell  2/2016
    Awesome place, great vodka and gin! Signed up to be members, got two trail distillery glasses, a shot glass and a bottle of gin, other benefits to follow.
    Dave Bothwell 2/2016
  • David Phipps
    Exceptional vodka, a very clean and smooth finish. I've never been one to drink vodka straight but this one rocks. The gin was a beautiful balance of spices and juniper. A perfect floral finish. I can't wait for the rum and whiskey! The tasting room was a wonderful experience, true mixology at its finest.
    David Phipps
  • Heather Mayes 12/2016
    Beautiful venue with excellent vodka and gin (I'm not usually even a gin drinker)! I recently reserved this space for a private event. Sara was wonderful to work with and very accommodating. All of our guests raved about how lovely the space was. Definitely recommend checking out Trail Distilling. Looking forward to their rum release, too!
    Heather Mayes 12/2016
  • Paul Wille 2/2017
    This place is amazing. The setting and ambience are perfect and their vodka and gin are phenomenal. This has become our go to spot.
    Paul Wille 2/2017