Trail Distilling’s Barrel Club

For roughly the price of two cases, you can own your very own custom whiskey, gin or rum aged in a 5 gallon new white oak charred barrel.  Makes a great gift for someone special! Graduations, anniversaries, deployment homecomings, weddings or any celebrations.  With our help, you decide when it is ready to bottle and take home to enjoy.

As a Barrel Club Member you will experience:

  • Visit and sample when you want – just leave some in the barrel.
  • A private bottling and labeling party for your own spirit.
  • You will receive twenty-four finished bottles and the barrel is yours to keep.
  • You determine when the spirit is ready to bottle, with our help of course.
  • With accellerated maturation we recommend a minimum of six months for the Gin and Rum and one year for the Whiskey with aging not to exceed two years.  We can however accomodate requests to receive your spirit sooner on a case by case basis.


Makes a great wedding or party favor!