Traditionally getting involved in the distilling industry required significant capital investment and expertise which has led to many prospective entrepreneur distillers to walk away from this opportunity. This is no longer the case. Trail Distilling offers full-service distilling services customized to meet your needs.

Since 2015, Trail Distilling has invested in the industry’s the finest production equipment and technology with our 2000 liter automated dual column German still, the first Vendome continuous column still located in the Pacific Northwest, and our state of the art bottling and labeling line. We have the resources and capacity for production ranging from small start-up to well established brands. We offer our 100 liter proof of concept still to efficiently scale up to the bigger stills.

Trail Distilling is able to produce vodka, gin, whiskey and rum as well as fortification of wine and ciders. We will help navigate you through the process from the beginning to the end so that you truly have your spirit made just for you. Barrel brokering, supply ordering, regulatory requirements and storage, we are here to assist you.

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